Ciserom – a story of 90 years full of history and personality

Although they were invented due to the need for comfort and warmth, over time, the socks not only have won a place of honor in the wardrobe of each of us (who does not have a drawer full of socks at home?)but today they are completing the latest day to day outfits, offering even more style and highlighting our personality. Whether they are cheerful and colorful, warm and terry, socks remain friends that you will not miss even the summer.
And in case you did not know until now in our country there have been for decades a big and beautiful family embedded in the oldest sock maker in Romania Ciserom Sebes. The company celebrates this year 90 years of activity, and so many times since it has successfully contributed to the history of socks, not just in our country but also in other countries. In the conditions where traditional Romanian brands- especially those approaching the centenary – can be counted on the fingers, it is a national pride that this company resists, as the market is flooded by cheap and low- quality imports.
The beautiful story began in 1927 when Gustav Bahner established in Sebes the socks and knitting factory. Having German leadership and about 150 workers managed in a very short time to expand and achieve a monthly production of 210.000 pairs of socks.
In 1944 Sebes factory goes into state patrimony, but continues the production of socks and textiles, both for our country and abroad.
Even if it also knew the Soviet leadership, the sock factory in Sebes continued to expand , innovate and produce a wide range of stocking and knitwear until 1954 when it was taken over again by the Romanian state. Between 1954 and 1974 the company benefited from investment funds that materialized in new machinery and technologies, increasing production capacity 40 times, with 6 times more employees.
Thanks to the products of indisputable quality and the refurbishment of the factory, in 1990 it change its name to Ciserom -a name that symbolizes today the perseverance and tradition of quality Romanian socks.A rebranding in 2012 brought a modern image of the brand name Ciserom found on each package and element of communication.
The story of the factory continues. The same big family, the same devoted people and the same colorful and warm socks that will complement your style and outfit every day. Now the company has 320 employees, a modern technological flow, an annual production of 10 million pairs of socks and exporting 30% of them to countries like Germany, Italy, England, France, Ireland and Switzerland.
The general manager Constantin Ispir said: “sock, a wicker outfit in the wardrobe, but also an accessory that gives color and personality to an outfit, expresses our own image. The quality of a sock has a close connection with the quality of life: the fibers from which it is produced, affecting the health of the skin. At Ciserom we do not rebate from the quality of 90 years and we are proud of what goes out on the gates of the factory every day. I' m glad to find that Romanians trust the Romanian brands and understand their importance in supporting the national economy, stimulating the intern production, as well as creating new jobs, especially for young people. In the name of Ciserom team I promise we will remain as preoccupied with the continuation of the brand tradition, the production of quality socks and the permanent development of collections in trendy fashion.
Many years Ciserom with so many colors as possible all over the world . “