For the last 85 years, our plant has innovated its equipments in order to meet the actual market requirements. Nowadays, our plant is tooled up with a series of equipments, such as:

  • - electronic knitting machines with one cylinder, smoothness of 14E, equipped with 108 to 168 needles
  • - classic knitting machines with two cylinders, smoothness of 14E, equipped with 120 to 176 needles
  • - classic closing machines which are able to make “eye to eye” stitches
  • - closing machines “Rosso” type

A wide range of products are designed in order to colour each person’s day: men, women, children and babies.

  • - Ciserom socks are products knitted with thoughtfuless, for any of us to feel excelent while wearing them.
  • - Stockings for children and babies are always warm and friendly, especially designed for theim.