We are very proud of the awards that we have gained in the last years. They talk about the passion and commitment with which we develop our daily activity.


Year 2012 greeted us from the beginning with good news. The title of “The Most Promising Romanian Brand”, received as a result of the competition organized by Seed Consultants, makes us proud of what we have built until now. The award of the competition consisted of a branding program that has been developed during a 6 months period. This program has improved the company’s image, developed a new identity through which we can truly present our products at their true value.


Best of Business is an annually event in which the County Council of Alba awards companies and professional associations that help on the economical develop of the county. 2011 is the fourth consecutive year in which Ciserom was awarded in this event.

In 2011 Ciserom was also awarded with the “Top Firme” Award, annually prize granted by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alba.


Business College of the Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca gave to Ciserom the Business 2010 award for Performance management in textile industry.

Ciserom was awarded during the Best of business Gala by the County Council of Alba, at the section the best export values of the companies with Romanian capital in the county.


County Council of Alba has awarded this year the activity of Ciserom and his contribution in the economic development of the county.

Best of Business title was given to Ciserom for his economic activity during the year 2008. The County Council of Alba awards at the end of every year the companies with the greatest performance from the county.