We believe in continuously development of the Ciserom brand. With every step, we try to get closer to our consumers, offering them a pleasant experience while wearing Ciserom socks.

Our vision is to become the first choice regarding hosiery and underwear on the national market and we want to grow into becoming a landmark in the industry, even more than we are right now.

General Director,
Constantin Ispir


Our mission is to carry on developing our history of 85 years with perseverance and skill, to identify new customer’s needs and to answer them with passion and dedication.


We believe in Tradition: Ciserom is defined by the tradition carried on by generations in Sebeș. We are a family and the plant is the place where we spent most of our time.
We believe in Competitiveness: We are trustworthy and serious partners, capable of adjusting on a changing market. We perform, despite the unstable external factors.
We believe in Skill: We get involved with passion and pride in everything we do. When it comes to a challenge, we support each other and succeed together. Also, we achieve great things together only by dedication and perseverance, which we all together share.
We believe in Color: Our key strength is diversity: of experts, shapes, colors and designs. We take our inspiration out of beauty and we like to convey moods through the dance of colors and shapes. We invent and reinvent ourselves every season.