Ciserom produces 100% cotton socks or blended with polyamide as well as other kinds of yarns: combed cotton, mercerized cotton, organic cotton, wool and natural viscose.

It is very important to deal carefully when matching socks with shoes or pants. The sock is a complement of the shoe, and a ugly, poorly chosen sock will pass into the background of a beautiful shoe and vice versa. A matching made smart makes any man, regardless of age, to look more elegant and constantly in the spotlight.

Ciserom socks are the best choice for both men and women, or children. A well arranged man is a good indication that the woman next to him takes care of her partner’s physical appearance. The sock’s color must match the costume’s, but it imposes the choice of something of a lighter shade than the color of the shoes. We recommend Ciserom’s Men collection articles, such as art. 77116, art. 1416, art. 180, art.400, art.8456 and art.8412. They can be of high quality mercerized, combed or organic cotton. In business style designed socks, white is excluded. Bright and intense colors are favorable for sport and recreation. Ciserom’s recommendations are sneakers, socks and knee socks type of articles. Sports socks gives your feet a stable and safe feel.

Any woman who wants to be respected owns „a few” pairs of socks for different circumstances: Classics for official meetings and office, colored for going out and parties, soft and comfortable for cold weather. We have recommendations for ladies: short articles, such as art. 243, art. 183, art. 215, designed for going out and practicing sports, classic articles (art. 267, art. 200, art. 226) for official meetings and office, and knee socks (art. 399) which gives originality to your casual outfit and a charming look. Regarding tights we present you art. 8686, a must-wear when it rains or snows.

The stockings are a basic part of every woman's wardrobe, so you must know how and when to wear them, not to destroy an outfit because you choose something inappropriate.

Ciserom prepared socks and tights also for the little ones. For children, art. 336 offers safety thanks to the anti-slip on foot, and art. 326 offers a variety of playful colors and special designs to choose from. Tights for baby can be plain or terry inside and the colors and designs vary from one article to another. Boys and girls are commended to wear socks at school or at home, at the playground or when meeting with friends. Our range includes: sneakers, socks, knee socks and tights. Ciserom advices you to choose your socks from our general catalogue or special collections: Kids, the Magic of Colors, Christmas, Valetine, Mărțișor and Zodiac Collection.

Remember to follow the washing instructions for your socks to prolong their life, and before drying, stretch them to regain their original shape.

For us, a pair of socks is more than a piece of clothing. Quality and comfort, durability are basic criterias for us throughout the entire production process. Our variety of colors helps you feel confident, giving you originality in any situation you are.

Ciserom wishes you the traditional: "Enjoy, a colorful day!"